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Past student projects

Students in the final semester of the Masters program conduct either research or fieldwork related to human rights.

Each project is negotiated between the student and the postgraduate coursework coordinator and is individually designed to suit the interests of the student as well as meeting the academic and practice requirements of the CHRE.

Some previous projects have included:

Internship Projects

Reflections on Edmund Rice Centre WA (ERCWA): Internship Project Report
Eunice Angaka (2019)

Towards a Humane Workable Solution for Australia’s Asylum Process
Internship with the Refugee Rights Action Network (Perth)
Emma D’Antoine (2019)

Internship Report: Hepatitis South Australia
Anusha Chaudhry (2019)

Internship Reflection Report on Save the Children’s CaLD Boys’ Family Violence Prevention Project 2018-2019
Moly Siddiqua (2018)

Australian Human Rights Commission – Promoting Human Rights Within Business (Sydney)
Annunziata Strano (2018)

Internship Report – Kindness Malaysia: Madrasah Hashimiah School for Refugee and Asyum Seeking Children from Myanmar and Rohingya (Kuala Lumpur)
Elna Abdul Wahab (2018)

Internship Report – Association for Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors (ASeTTS) (Perth)
Mark Smith (2018)

Six Months in UNMISS Mission Support (South Sudan)
Kelly Francis (2018)

Ending Violence Against Women – United Nations Women (New York)
Sarah Fraser (2018)

Internship Report – The Sophie Hayes Foundation (London)
Lauren Fisher (2018)

Internship Report – Red Cross Spain (Bilbao)
Marian Santos (2018)

Internship Report – Human Rights Watch Australia (Sydney)
Tayla Hall (2017)

Access to Justice: How a Human Rights Based Approach can improve the efficacy of a Community Legal Centre
(Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre, Bendigo)
Kate Blanks (2017)

Internship Report – Human Rights Practices Executed by Community Indigenous Radio (3KND Radio)
Racquel Duende (2017)

Report – Internship, Vision Rescue, Mumbai, India
Georgina Diacos (2017)

Shelter WA, Perth
Kathryn Findlay (2017)

Centacare Employment and Training, Perth
Prattana Tublom (2016)

Beacon of Hope, Kenya
Wambui Thirimu (2016)

Refugee Council of Australia, Melbourne
Sally Hunter (2016)

Northern Settlement Services, Hamilton (NSW)
Christopher Kadira (2016)

St Vincent De Paul, Perth
Nikhil Kudiliparambil Remanan (2015)

NGOs and Social Media Use
(The Humanitarian Group, Perth)
Tamara Egloff (2015)

Amnesty International Australia and Human Rights Education
(Amnesty International Australia, Perth)
Andrew Beaton (2014)

Amnesty International Australia, Perth
Maria Eugenia Brinnez (2014)

The promotion and protection of human rights
(Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), Kenya)
Patricia Wawira Gachoki (2014)

No longer a child: Unaccompanied minors transitioning out of community detention
(The Australian Red Cross, Sydney)
Natasha Jayaratne (2014)

Exploring the challenges for human rights education and systemic racism
(Equal Opportunity Commission in Western Australia, Perth)
Helen Phelan (2014)

Amnesty International Australia Perth, Refugee Action Group, Perth
Mee George W. Idom (2014)

Western Australia Council of Social Service and child protection advocacy
(Western Australia Council of Social Service (WACOSS), Perth)
Kirsty Koevort (2014)

Amnesty International Australia, Perth Stop Torture Action Group, Perth
Clement Aryang (2014)

Australia Amnesty International, Perth
Hasitha Nuwanmalee Ubeysekara (2014)

A Few Months with Amnesty International: An Observation
(Amnesty International Australia, Canberra)
Julia Dean (2014)

The Mount Druitt Ethnic Community Agencies, Sydney
Marianna Guirguis (2014)

Viewing Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Through a Gender Lens
(The Program on Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, New Dehli, India)
Sara (2014)

Empowering Asylum Seekers: Linking Theory with Practice
(Settlement Services International, Sydney)
Bonnie Luck (2013)

The migration vulnerabilities of Bangladeshi women with a special emphasis on the public health risks
(Migration Health and Development Internship, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Damien Thorber (2013)

Do women with disability face discrimination when trying to access domestic violence agencies?
(Betty’s Place, Albury)
Elissa de Waard (2013)

In what ways can social media be used by The A21 Campaign to invoke the target audience of youth and young adults to action?
(The A21 Campaign, Sydney)
Sophie Black (2013)

A comparison of egoistic and altruistic perspectives on how government develops policy
(National Disability Service, Perth)
Sheila Trevisan (2013)

Education as Empowerment: A Multicultural Reflection of Teaching at a Thai International School
Sally Woodliff (2013)

Internship at ASeTTS
Amal Koay (2012)

Establishing a young Indigenous foundation, Kart Koort Weirn
Emma O’Hara (2012)

He Says – “It’s Only Rape”: Rebuilding Dignity: Empowering Refugee Torture and Trauma Survivors to Take Back Control of Their Lives
Bronwen Mauger (2012)

Victoria’s new IBAC: successfully integrating human rights and anti-corruption?
(Transparency International Australia)
Stuart McKenzie (2012)

Education as Empowerment: Critical and Multicultural approaches to Pedagogy at the Banyan Centre
(Burmese Refugee Project)
Sally Woodliff (2012)

Occupational Opportunities for Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Nicole Preston (2011)

International Red Cross, Melbourne
Suha Ali (2011)

Amnesty International, Sydney
Mohamed Kabril (2011)

Implementing Indigenous Peoples’ Rights – A Case Report on the Process of Constitution Making in Nepal
Nicole Klaski (2011)

YouthVoice Project
Gaylene Trethewey (2010)

A Weapon of War: Sexual Violence
Heidi Stewart (2010)

Human Rights Act Campaign (2008 – 2010)
Katie Carter (2010)

The use of narrative and story telling to create a message of awakening with refugee children
Lisa Craig (2010)

Shan Children: Growing up invisible
Michelle Emry (2010)

Internship at the Women’s Court, a non-government organisation providing support for young women in Israel
Efrat Wolfson (2009)

Coordination of the Stop Violence Against Women campaign at Amnesty International in Perth
Astrid Chapman (2008)

Internship at Bakhita Community Health and Education Centre, Timor-Leste
Liam Barry (2006)

Field placement at Centrecare Family Mediation Unit, Perth
Rosemary Hansen (2006)

Internship at the International Service for Human Rights in Geneva
Damien Norris (2005)

The Dignity of Difference: Human Rights Capacity Building in Secondary Education in WA – A Work in Progress. Study tour of anti-racist education strategies in Scotland
Jeannie Read (2005)

Coordination and editing of a report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (UNCERD) from a national coalition of Australian NGOs. Presentation of that report to the Committee in Geneva.
Fiona McGaughey (2004/2005)


Refugee Citizenship: The Acquisition of Australian Citizenship by Sudanese and South Sudanese Refugees has not Stopped Institutional Racial Discrimination against Them – Biel Liep (2018)

“All we need to do is make sure we keep talking”: Reconciling universality and particularity within the human rights discourse – Cecilia Costa (2018)

Human Rights Violations of Prostitution in Thailand – Caroline Vang (2018)

The struggle to be seen, the struggle to be heard: The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) from the Human Rights Perspective of the Isolated and Excluded – Mariana Ionita (2018)

Australia’s Solution: The Dehumanisation of People Seeking Asylum and Refugees since 2012 – Leonie Dyer (2018)

Asymmetries of Power: Human Rights, Health Inequalities and the Discourse of Australian Hepatitis C Policy – James Dunne (2018)

‘Not Climate Victims’: Why Women [of the Global South], their Lived Experience and Human Rights Matter in Climate Change Adaption. – Taylor Clark (2017)

The Detrimental Effects of Cyberbullying And Social Media Use On Human Rights – Susan Coates (2017)

Why Discrimination Ensues: Intersectional, Economic Discrimination of Migrant and Refugee Women in Employment in Australia – Stefanie Host (2017)

Women’s Labour is Forced Labour. Re-politicising the home: A claim for Women’s Human Rights. – Sharlene Farrugia (2017)

Engaging with the human rights atrocities committed by Daesh (Islamic State): A framework from which to understand and evaluate the role of identification, prosecution and reconciliation. – Natasha Ross (2017)

Let Us Decide Who Comes to the Table and the Manner in Which We Speak: The agency, activism and rights of asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat and their capacity for creating change – Bridget Jenkins (2017)

Indigenous Language and Human Rights – Audrey Dockery (2017)

Twice as Unlucky: Violence, Abuse And Oppression Of Human Rights Experienced By Women With A Disability – Ashley Stollard (2017)

We Are Never Free : Dialogues and Exegesis on Freedom of Expression – Richard Yaxley (2017)

The Attainment Of Human Rights: A Necessity For World Peace – Mayah Raven (2017)

Contemporary interactions between human rights and an ascendant right-wing populism. – Annie Baker (2017)

The value of empathy in a society criminalising solidarity. – Sarah Ambrogio (2017)

Can the Australian Descendant of Irish Colonisers Celebrate Reconciliation Through A Visual Arts Praxis? – Alexandra Devitt-Lansom (2017)

Polyculturalism and Intergroup Relations: Common Group Identity as a Pathway to Social Inclusion and Rights for Refugees in Australia
Eleanor Cowell (2017)

The Role of Pornography and the Violation of Human Rights
Jessica McCarthy (2017)

Applying the Human Rights Based Approach to reforming remote communities in Western Australia
Kate McGilvray (2017)

The role of the predominant Bhutanese Culture in the creation of refugees in Bhutan in early 1990-1991 – A cultural perspective into a political agenda.
Pema (2017)

Human Rights Law in Africa
Yvette Kuziel (2017)

English Language Proficiency as a Prerequisite to the Political Participation, Social Inclusion, and Realisation of Human Rights for Refugees in Australia
Elizabeth Wright (2016)

Occupational Health and Safety Legislation Can Deny People with Disabilities Their Human Rights
Johanna Webster (2016)

Intelligent Robots have Human Rights in Sight
Sebastian Trew (2016)

Female cross-dressing as a resilient and problematic survival tactic: the rights of women in patriarchal dominated societies
Nora Tavitian (2016)

Interactions of social media with refugees and human rights
Wen Tang (2016)

Gender rights for the Girl Child in post-conflict Uganda: a comparative analysis of peace building and human rights development praxis within education initiatives
Michelle Roche (2016)

“Indigenous treaties; our chance to save the sorrow of tomorrow” Understanding the value of Indigenous treaty documents in reducing human rights violations: A comparative analysis of the settler countries of Canada, New Zealand and Australia
Bernadette O’Connor (2016)

Women’s Political participation – A human right necessary for global progress
Sneska Ilikj (2016)

“Get out there and vote!”: Universal suffrage as a human right and the risks of treating it as a privilege explored by case studies of Australia and Canada
Alice Gibson (2016)

The 1946 Pilbara Strike, the Communist Party of Australia and the Struggle for Aboriginal Rights
Nicholas Everett (2016)

Australia’s Bogeyman: How John Howard’s use of the term ‘illegal’ turned a whole country against innocent people
Logan Bousbury (2016)

The Kurds and the Right to Self-Determination
Aran Ahmad (2016)

A NARRATIVE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Australia, asylum seekers and the forces that impact human rights
Katrina Selth (2016)

Righting our wrongs: Why Community Placements Are Our Best Alternative to Detention Centres
Shana Peters (2016)

Behind closed doors: A woman’s access to human rights provisions in Samoa, with particular reference to the issue of domestic violence
Lani Palmero (2016)

Making the Global Local: How to Best Utilise Digital Technology for the Defence and Protection of Human Rights
Maree Jones (2016)

Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation: A grave violation of Human Rights! Stop the Demand!
Mohana Jegatheesan (2016)

Racism and Racial Discrimination in Australia
Brett Farmer (2016)

The Grassroots Effect: Violence against Women and Human Rights from Below
Natalie Eslick (2016)

Planning for violence against women in the aftermath of disaster
Berneigh Elderfield (2016)

Leave No One Behind: Keeping our promise to Aboriginal children
Karina Chicote (2016)

Queer and Present Danger: A Comparison of Human Rights for LGBTI and People with Disability
Misty Farquhar (2015)

National Identity and Belonging in Contemporary Australia: Contextualising the Human Rights Commitment to Values
Kay Danes (2015)

Is restricted access to information and information communication technologies impeding the capacity of people with disability to fulfil their rights and act with autonomy?
Merissa Van Der Linden (2015)

Non-traditional Sexual Relations in Neo-traditionalist Patriarchal Constructs
Anna Sushchova Winther (2014)

Why the Law is Ineffective at a Local Level: Examining cultural and social attitudes towards Gender Based Violence in South Africa
Rachel LeCouteur (2014)

Dalits in India: A Critical Analysis
Praneet Rane Govind (2014)

A safe place to call home
Tenielle Hagland (2014)

Moving beyond Trauma Informed Service Delivery: Exploring Creative Therapeutic Modalities as a means to uphold Human Rights within the Youth Homelessness sector
Catherine Whitington (2014)

How Australia openly breaches Human Rights- a study of the history of policies on race and border control and its influence on current attitudes
Louise O’Brien (2014)

Counter Terrorism and Human Rights Abuse: Contemplating Levels of Individual Complicity
Kristee Boyd (2014)

Uniting the 99% to challenge neoliberalism: unions and the Occupy movement in Australia
Clare Middlemas (2014)

“White isn’t right; it’s just white.” A Post-Colonial Critique of Human Rights Praxis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with Particular Reference to the Issue of Sexual Violence
Sarah Jones (2014)

Human Rights and High Level Radioactive Waste: Why a commitment to intergenerational rights is essential
Rose Newbury-Freeman (2014)

Exploring the Human Rights of Primary Education in the Developing World: Are Children Truly Receiving Quality Education?
Juliette Poulter (2013)

Contextualising Sociolinguistic Diversity in Australia: Aboriginal Overrepresentation in the Criminal Justice System
Bethany Johnson (2013)

Standardising Refugee Status Determination: Exploring the Benefits of a Centralised Determination Provider
Michael Carr (2013)

Equality before the law: Sexual violence and women’s human rights in Australia
Simone Cappelluti (2013)

Women’s participation in post-conflict South Sudanese society
Elizabeth Ayom John Gum Lang (2013)

How We Can Learn from the Other for the Other: Convergent Experiences of Indigenous People and Humanitarian Entrants in Contemporary Australia
Sharlene Dempsey (2013)

Imprisoned but free: The story of Indonesia’s first atheist in Post-Reformasi Indonesia and the paradox of democracy
Ken Matahari (2013)

“Why is it Important to Scrutinise World Bank Involvement and Endorsement of Water Privatisation in the Global South? Human Rights Considerations”
Stuart Hawkins (2013)

Self-determination of the Jummas of Chittagong Hill Tracts: A Journey through the History
Bablu Chakma (2013)

Seeking asylum, immigration detention and potential long-term mental health implications: A comparative study of Australia and Spain
Vicki Bailey (2012)

Equality before the Law? Why Australia is not the best place to be a Women
Simone Cappelluti (2012)

The Australian Child Protection system – The statutory limitations of practice and work culture resulting in paternalism when working with Aboriginal Australian children
Peta Cassidy (2012)

The health effects of racial discrimination on Indigenous Australians
Eugene Chan (2012)

How can fiction be used in the teaching of human rights to young women in the Kenyan context?
Chemutai Glasheen (2012)

Why is it Important to Scrutinise the World Bank’s Involvement and Endorsement of Water Privatisation in the Global South?
Stuart Hawkins (2012)

Freedom of (from) Religion and Social Movements in Post-Reformasi Indonesia: The Case of Alexander Aan
Ken Matahari (2012)

Exporting the Risks: Examining the Australian Uranium Industry through a Human Right Based Approach
Rose Newbury-Freeman (2012)

Same-Sex Marriage in Australia: An Overview
Liz Storer (2012)

‘Right’ in the Home: Government Responsibility and Domestic Violence in Jamaica
Kristal Tucker (2012)

Kenyans Seeking Asylum in Australia: Non-Irregular Maritime arrivals
Bernad Wandei (2012)

The Northern Territory Emergency Response “Intervention” from a Human Rights Perspective – the Stabilisation Process
Denise Richardson (2011)

The rights of women in Sierra Leone: Between Patriarchal Dominated Cultures and the Universality of Human rights
Isha Nasser During (2011)

Contemplating the Art of Woman’s Spiritual Identity with ‘No-Name and Too Many Names Already’
Naomi Sharin Shajahan (2011)

The Human Right to Use Animals
Kelly Somers (2011)

Women’s Rights in the Transition to Democracy in Indonesia:
Does Democracy Automatically Democratized Relations between Men and Women in a Post-Authoritarian Regime?

Veronica Tiurma Junita (2011)

Juvenile Justice & Indigenous Youth in Regional Western Australia: The Issues with Remand
Sophie Vanzetti (2010)

Human Rights and the Devolution of State Power
Gerard Gill (2010)

Resistance against the Machine: A critique of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities from a Resistance Perspective
Laura Miller (2010)

Disability Rights, Human Rights: Two concepts, one aim
Sarah Jarman (2010)

Therapist’s concept on human rights within their practice with children
Ewa Neal (2010)

An exploration on the Right to Food as a Basic Human Right
Mercy Anne Ward (2010)

Human Rights Issues of Prostitution: Why conceptualising prostitution as legitimate work is problematic
Eileen Clements (2009)

The Invention and Reproduction of Africa’s “Otherness”
Yirga Woldeyes (2009)

Healing Heart and Mind: The pursuit of human rights in engaged Buddhism with reference to Thich Nhat Hanh, Aung San Suu Kyi, and the Dalai Lama
Laura Kittel (2008)

Peace Journalism: Alternative news framings for the Indonesian media to support
the peace process.

Inge Christianti (2006)

Women of Achievement: Stories of Indigenous women in the academy
Anita Lee-Hong (2006)

Aid and Geopolitics of the Postcolonial: Australian aid programs in Solomon Islands
Huey Ying Lim (2006)

Neo-conservatism and Same-Sex Marriage in Australia: Exploring the effect of emerging ideologies on human rights in liberal democracies
Stacey Walker (2006)

The Quest: Neo-colonialism, celebrity representations and changing human rights discourse
Michelle Webb (2006)

Islam in Perspective: Looking at Human Rights Through a Holistic Approach
Irwansyah Mukhlis (2005)

Human Rights and ‘Non-Citizenship’: Three Historical Case Studies
Fausto Butta (2005)

Javanese Culture: A Search for Human Rights Values
Aloysia Vira Herawati (2005)