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It is now possible to give towards the work of the Centre for Human Rights Education at Curtin University.

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Who we are

The Centre for Human Rights Education at Curtin University is an inter- and multi-disciplinary centre for local, national and international academic research, postgraduate teaching, critical scholarship and advocacy on human rights. We are directly aligned to Curtin University’s mission, ‘to transform lives and communities through education and research,’ and to contribute ‘to a fairer and more just society for all.’ The Centre’s mission is to leverage its world-class research, teaching and advocacy in human rights to create positive change.

We are a high impact Centre

The work of the Centre seeks to encourage public debate, discussion and deliberation on human rights and social justice issues. Our growing role in public debate is highlighted through our media and social media outreach, special events, public lectures, community engagement and policy research. We make contributions to local, national and global human rights and social justice concerns including the rights of people seeking asylum and refugees and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people and communities. The Centre regularly engages with a range of media including online opinion pieces, public forums, public inquiries, and radio. We use our website together with our Facebook to amplify our messages on human rights and to provide resources which will educate people for years to come. Our social media is read by journalists, NGOs and academics and has guided them to stories that would have otherwise gone unreported or un-researched. The Centre organises public events, often in partnership with community groups. External and industry relationships include research collaborations with Australian Red Cross, the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Castan Centre for Human Rights at Monash University.

We challenge thinking

Since 2003 the Curtin Centre for Human Rights Education has become well known for its commitment to understanding, analysing, promoting and responding to contemporary human rights issues and challenges. Over the past decade we have worked closely with national and international scholars and community organisations to improve the rights of many groups. The Centre currently engages in high impact research related to people seeking asylum and refugees, critical approaches to human rights education, Indigenous rights to knowledge and culture, critical disability studies and LGBTI human rights. The Centre generates cutting edge knowledge and practitioner understanding about human rights; it actively informs policy and public debates about human rights in Australia, Asia and internationally. For more information, see our list of Publications.

We inspire future human rights leaders

Our Master of Human Rights coursework units and internship and dissertation program provides Australian and international students from all disciplines with a broad knowledge of human rights theory and practice. The Centre offers a dynamic and collaborative culture of learning and researching together with a practitioner-oriented and theoretically enriched approach to human rights. Our students and activated alumni are tomorrow’s human rights teachers, researchers and advocates in Australia and internationally. For more information, see our Postgraduate Courses and Our Students pages.

We advocate for rights

The Centre for Human Rights Education is actively engaged in advocacy and activism across a range of human rights issues. Research undertaken at the Centre is drawn upon for engaged human rights practice. Members of the Centre work collaboratively with a diverse range of community and civil society groups to advocate for social justice. While human rights based issued are covered more broadly, the work at the Centre particularly focuses on: the right of people seeking asylum and refugees; critical disability studies; gender, sexuality and human rights; rights to culture and knowledge; and social justice and education. The Centre is contributing to ground-breaking research, which advocates Indigenous peoples’ right to maintain, control, protect and develop their cultural heritage, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions.

Help us to achieve even more

Your generous support will enable every cent you donate to go to the Centre’s community engagement and education, research and advocacy so that it can have a truly transformative effect on human rights in Australia and overseas.

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