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Prejudice Mob

Here you will find lists of selected references from a group of Australian researchers across disciplines and locations who examine prejudice and its effects. There is a focus on attitudes toward cultural groups such as asylum seekers and refugees, gays and lesbians, Indigenous Australians and Muslim Australians as well as research relating to gender relations.

The information on this page is organised in two ways. First, there are five reference lists relating to the topics listed below. However, some of the research does not specifically relate to one particular target group; these references are listed in another document which is alphabetically ordered and includes all references. There is also a reference list for information regarding anti-prejudice interventions. All seven lists can be downloaded in PDF format.

If you wish to request a copy of an article listed, please either contact the author of the article or Adjunct Associate Professor Anne Pedersen at

Please note: Any copy that you receive is for research and study only; it must not be uploaded to a website or used for any other purpose due to copyright restrictions.

Please contact Adjunct Associate Professor Anne Pedersen if you have any queries.