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The Centre is currently home to a group of committed academics, support staff and adjuncts. You will find a list of our current members below.

Current staff members

Name Position
Master of Human Rights Course Coordinator, Co-Director
Associate Professor (Human Rights), Co-Director
Senior Lecturer (Human Rights)
Senior Lecturer (Anthropology & Sociology)
Masters dissertation supervisor
Sessional Lecturer
Sessional Lecturer
Administrative Officer
Research Assistant

Emeritus Professors

Name Position
Emeritus Professor
Emeritus Professor

Adjunct members

Name Position
Adjunct Research Fellow
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Friends of the Centre

Name Position
Margaret Whitlam Chair of Social Work, Social Work and Community Welfare, University of Western Sydney
Senior Lecturer in Social and Political Sciences, University of Technology Sydney
Associate Professor in the Discipline of Law within the College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Science, Murdoch University
Professor, School of Social Sciences & Institute Fellow, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University